Google ‘professional women’ emoji nominated for Design of the Year by Design Museum

Last year, a group of Google employees developed 13 new emoticons in the spirit of representing the modern independent woman in a better way. Previous campaigns targeting the emoticon inequality led to the creation of new emojis which represents the new generation like same sex relationship and racially diverse characters.

The team submitting their proposal to the Unicode Consortium that oversees the creation of new emoticons said, “We believe this will empower young women, and better reflect the pivotal roles women play in the world.”

The new emoticons are to be released for use by December this year and have been nominated among the Design of the Year by Design Museum in London. The emoticons will show women in different fields of work like farmer, lawyer, nurse, rock star, chef, chemist and so on.

“No matter where you look, women are gaining visibility and recognition as never before. Isn’t it time that emoji also reflect the reality that women play a key role in every walk of life and in every profession?” was what reflected from the proposal made last year.

Even the former US First Lady Michelle Obama tweeted last year that she would definitely want to see an emoji of a girl studying.

The team behind the professional woman emoji said that they just didn’t choose the jobs that are represented by the emoji out of mere amusement but looked at all the categories that compose the global GDP. Further breaking them down, based on the global growth, popularity and overall representation, they finally decided on the 13 emoticons that represents women working in different professions.

The group also said that women are the heaviest users of emoji and even today, no emoji defines them

as working. Most of the emojis related to women show them as beautifying themselves.

Now, the proposal did not end here. The team also included representation of male counterparts in the respective professions.

Other designs that the experts at the museum picked work across different categories like architecture, fashion, graphics, etc. Some other picks by the experts that will compete with the characters are hijab designed by Nike, Kanye West’s clothing line, furniture made from molten lava, etc.

Experts at the design museum picked the characters alongside 62 examples of impressive work across the categories architecture, digital, fashion, graphics, product and transport.

A winner will be declared by the museum on January 25, 2018 from the winners selected from each category. Previously, the 2012 Olympic Torch has been a winner of the tittle too.

Image Source: Unicode

by Esther Vaiphei, The Blogging Connection

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