Instagram blessing us with a new creative way to react and  reply to a photo or story

Instagram,  is rightly the Picasso of all social media apps with the accurate amount of class, style and the fun ideas that comes with this application.  Well as we all know there has been many creative changes with this app starting from it’s logo and all the way to posting stories and miscellaneous new stickers and emojis  to enhance our journey down the page.

Well,  this time round also Instagram didn’t fail to surprise us with an all new upgrade and not to mention fun too.  Instagram inception,  here we come. Previously if somebody sent you a photo in your personal conversation,  you were only allowed to reply to that via text.  And as we all know,  texts just doesn’t portray the actual expression and feelings… All insta users can relate to this.

Guess what?,  we don’t need to worry about it cause Instagram made a new update where it let’s us play around with the original photo so that we can reply in an all new creative way and also keep the context of the conversation. Now we can finally react to a photo live and make the conversation more fun and real.

This is pretty easy to use too. Whenever you receive a photo or a video,  there’s a reply button below the picture in the conversation thread just beside the like button. On tapping on it the original picture instantly turns into a sticker in the top right corner, and you can leave it there while you reply with your own context, may it be a picture, a normal video or a boomerang. Sounds fun!!  You can also enlarge the picture, tilt,  move it around and draw on it according to your own wishes…

Whereas when you are replying to a video, Instagram only keeps the screenshot of the first frame of the video,  and on tapping on it the original photo fills the top half of the screen & you can take any picture for the bottom half and even stick any sticker on it. Pretty creative!!  It’s just like frontback,  the photo sharing app featuring both the context and your reaction.

Although it’s not only for direct messages, but also applicable for stories. Now you can not only reply to someone’s story through texts but also leave a photo/video reply by tapping on the camera icon on the bottom left side of the screen.

So all the Instagram lovers out there give a shout out for this amazing new upgrade. I swear this app just keeps on getting addictive each day.

Image Source: Trusted Reviews

by Ankit, The Blogging Connection