NBC’s first Snapchat daily show -“Stay Tuned” grabbed 29 million+ viewers

NBC or the National Broadcasting Company is an American English language commercial broadcast television network that is a flagship property of NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast.

Though NBC news’ first ever daily show for Snapchat has seen an enormous growth in its numbers after its first month on the air. According to a release sent to the NBCU this morning, it claims the show has grown it viewers to more than 29 million. That’s about triple the viewers who tune into the top-rated “NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt” program.

But catching a glimpse of news in smartphone is a bit different way of gaining information, so it’s not really appropriate to compare Snapchat news to TV at first. On mobile, people just want sped-up soundbites, where the information is distilled down into “need to Know” bits- the kind that can be easily parsed while you have a few minutes of spare time.

NBC News launched a twice-daily news show on Wednesday morning called “Stay Tuned,” which will appear on Snapchat’s Discover platform — the first daily news show on Snapchat. The show will have morning and afternoon editions each weekday and a show on the weekends. It will also include updates throughout the day to cover breaking news.

“Stay Tuned” which has a 30-person team lead by the executive producer Andrew Springer, will be hosted by Gadi Schwartz, an NBC News correspondent, and Savannah Sellers, a from MSNBC. It will cover national and international news, politics, pop culture, and more.

Meanwhile senior vice president for digital at NBC News, Nick ascheim said “It’s fitting that NBC News is pioneering this new format foe a new platform, and it’s a continuation of NBC News’ tradition of innovation, first in radio, then in inventing color TV and the morning news program, and now with an entirely new type of news shows for Snapchat”.

Viewers can use the Snapchat app to watch the show, which will appear live at 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. ET during this week and at 1 p.m. on weekends.

To watch “Stay Tuned”:

  1. Open the Snapchat app (it will open to the camera).
  2. Swipe left to access the Stories Page of the app, where you can see Stories posted by friends, and Discover content.
  3. Scroll down and you will see the Show within the “featured” list, in its own “Shows” section. You can also swipe left again to access a dedicated Discover page, which also features this content. (So the show is available in two pages within the app.)
  4. Tap on the show’s “tile” (the image) to watch “Stay Tuned.” You can then tap to advance or go back within the show, letting your finger act as your remote control. 

Image Source: NBC News

by Siddharth Sarkhel, The Blogging Connection