The most insane plan that Tyrion could come up with – Game Of Thrones “Episode Six”

Kudos! Kudos! Kudos! To the director, to the cast, to everyone associated with the series “Game of Thrones”. Undoubtedly the episode six can be termed as the most action packed episode of the series.

The episode starts with Jon snow and his band of brothers marching on in search of the white walkers. The episode is filled with high octane action with a bitter sweet ending.

To be honest the plan of catching of a white walker and bringing it to Westeros is the most insane plan that Tyrion could come up with. I mean come on how can a smart and logical man like Tyrion give such an advice and the worst part is Jon snow agrees to the plan after knowing what the white walkers are capable of.

There were some edge off the seats moment, especially the scene when the white walkers gradually descend towards Jon and his furious seven.

Then comes the most epic climax with Daenarys coming into Jon’s rescue when all hopes for him seems lost but the saddest part is Khaleesi loses one of her dragons.

On the other hand, Arya confronts Sansa with the scroll which she has found in littlefinger’s room. And we can see the tension surfacing between the two stark sisters which always there from the beginning. But this time I have to take Sansa’s r side as she was forced to write that scroll. But I always thought Arya to be smarter than Sansa, but It makes me sad to see Arya also falling for the tap of Littlefinger.

The ending of the episode gives both hope and a bit of suspense to the fans. Hope because we can see the love affair heating up between Jon and Daenarys with him calling her Danni (yes!) and suspense because now the white walkers have a dragon as well or should I say an “ice dragon”.

It’s become Game of Thrones tradition that the penultimate episode of the season is epic in scale, the crescendo to the season in terms of action, leaving the final episode to mop up its political fallout. Let’s hope it all ends well.

Afterall “Winter is Here!”

Image Source: Game Of Thrones Wiki

by Anujeet Paul, The Blogging Connection