A brand new phone from a brand new company – Yah we are talking about Essential

 Andy Rubin, one of the folk who founded Android, opened up a company of his own producing a killer out of the box device known as “Essential Phone” .

Video Source: Recode

Well how does Robin’s phone stand out of the rest you ask, telling you about this out of this worldly device is made of freaking titanium and ceramic which killer and beautiful at the very same time. This phone heaving an extremely thin bezel with a small cutout on screen for the front facing camera which I think looks crazy sexy has a small flaw of its own, which doesn’t matters that much anyway its just gonna bug while you watch videos in full screen mode. This little flaw is fixable and not even a problem to be very exact. The screen is really bright beautiful and crisp which will blow your mind off and adding more crazy features to it a data/power pin located on the rare of the device which allows you to attach your favourite magnetic accessories to expand your phone’s capabilities the way you deserve it.

Having no camera bump for the dual camera , dual flash thingy on the back with a fingerprint sensor on a mirror finish makes it look darn sexy  and weirdest having no branding or logo on the rare makes it look more desirable and beautiful.

Video Source:TechCrunch

The device is a glass slab if u look at it from behind & their is a fingerprint magnet which really looks great but if ain’t  exactly a glossy phone guy,

the company has Matt finished variants for you as well very luckily.

A remarkably good looking phone with an awesome display being extremely sturdy weights around 180 grams will give you a pretty awesome in hand experience and makes you feel like a boss.

A good battery life on this killer device gives you the cut edge, unfortunately it’s missing the 3.5mm audio jack. So good byes to the 3.5mm audio headsets and hellos to the wireless babies but don’t worry if you ain’t a big fan of wireless stuffs cause the company provides an adapter for you.

A bit more on the rare camera with dual flash on the rare, dual camera sharing the two duties one for colour and one for monochrome which is by far one of the best to be encountered and this camera has a portrait mode which is a great and it works really nice.

Interestingly the company announced a magnetic attachment of a 360° camera which sounds like fun and should be a pleasure to play with.

The device running on stock android (Nougat 7.1.1), which looks as far as a creation of an evil wizard, and in my personal opinion I’d say this phone will be one of the game changer in the mobile world which will rock pretty hard and shine with its uniqueness having unique features shaking others off in a kingly gesture.

Image Source: YouTube/ReCode

by Ankit, The Blogging Connection