The Story of Toni Morrison

The Story About Toni Morrison, well she is truly idealistic for the inspiration. She brug as a Culture Black writer. Nobel laureate Toni Morrison (1931) is one of the most celebrated women writers of all times. A member of Princeton University’s creative writing program from 1989 until her retirement in 2006, Morrison donated her papers to the permanent library collections of the University in 2014.


Morrison speaking in 2008

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She was born under the name Chloe Wafford & she was well known and acknowledged as the best novelist. Which to many this meant she was living the American dream. But unfortunately it wasn’t always easy. Toni was born to the parents of Ramah & George Wafford. She has undertaking countless of things at the beginning of her life that pulled down her family financially. According to the records they encountered situations like their land lord burning their house down.

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But against all odds, she growned up as a well known writer around the world & have quite a few accomplished novels. And personally of my favourite is  “Beloved” played by Danny Glover and Oprah Winfrey.

Ms.Toni has been accredited by her fellow writers as one of the most fostering person & this is what makes her THE STATE OF THE ART in public writing. An outstanding way to give African Americans and other Nationalities Hope.

by Etoya Otis, The Blogging Connection