Welcome “Intel 8th Generation Processors”

Intel promises a boost of 40 percent from its predecessors by going with a architecture well tested by the company which is shining with bright performance so far, the Kabay Lake Archiyfor the eight generation Intel core chip is the one and is the only one making it possible.

Tune in now to see how the new 8th Generation Intel Core Processor is designed for today and what comes next.

A freaking generation skipping performance boost in a single generation evolution, more significantly notable 30- percent boost promised by Intel while it was tested refreshing while computex this May.

Things are crossing the sky-high limits. 4k is common in almost every other machines with companies like Apple and Microsoft amping up everything by pushing for VR and MR/AR ,Well that’s too much if you are thinking of a system for portability. Good news accommodating those needs the new i5 and I7 was born, maintaining laptop’s battery life expectations at around 10 hours of 4k video playback which is next to impossible but is possible by Intel leaving everyone speechless.

Intel dropping more lights today on this chips on a Facebook live presentation at 11AM ET.

Intel as always makes a proper foot hold in laptop market with a pretty wide net here cause unfortunately chips of Intel on phones never happened (yet)( who knows what lies in the future anyway)

Intel stepping up the game looking forward investing most of its R&D into technologies like self-driving cars drones and automation which makes Intel always stand on its own turf. Everything growing so fast I just hope we don’t need to face something like August 29th the Judgement Day. Be careful Intel.

Video Source: Intel Newsroom

by Ankit, The Blogging Connection