The world’s top AI companies are asserting for an interdict banning on killer robots

“Killer robots” is an instrument which is able to select and engage targets without human intervention. These artificial humans are autonomous weapons which are being widely acknowledged as the next technological revolution in warfare. The invention of such type of autonomous weapons, has worried both scientists and industry. The world’s top artificial intelligence and robotics companies have organized a meeting in Melbourne to urge the United Nations to ban killer robots and lethal autonomous weapons.

Toby Walsh, scientist professor of artificial intelligence at the University of New South Wales recently released the letter on opening of the conference at the world’s pre-eminent gathering of experts in artificial intelligence and robotics. In December 2016,123 member nation of the UN had agreed to begin formal talks on autonomous weapons, of these, 19 have already called for a ban. The autonomous weapons can be weapons of terror, weapons that depots and terrorists use against innocent people, and weapons hacked to behave in undesirable ways.

Walsh is one of the organizers who warned the dangers of theses autonomous weapons. These autonomous weapons, which could operate on land, in air or under the seas, threaten to revolutionize armed conflict and law enforcement in alarming ways. Proponents says that the killer robots are necessary because modern combats moves so fast and because having robots do the fighting would keep soldiers and police officers out of the harm’s way, but at the same time the threats to humanity would outweigh any military or law enforcement or benefits. Machines will make life and death determinations outside of human control. The risk of dis appropriate harm of civilians would increase. No person could held responsible. For instance, critics point out that artificial intelligence still can’t be reliable between a lawful target and an unlawful one, as demanded by the laws o war. As it relates to killer machines human dignity is said to be about accountability, remedy and respect. These are the capabilities that mere machine don’t seem to have, as some experts point out. These inabilities were related to a lack of meaningful human control.

Thus, killer robot is a harmful weapon, it has its some good size but most are its negative points and its consequences are on human population and its uncontrollable charge has held the world’s top artificial intelligence companies to plead for a ban on “killer robots”. These artificial intelligent robots on one hand has increased the level of technology but at the very same time contains the power to destroy the entire population and without any human control that has created fear among the world’s top artificial companies.

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Video Source: Mick Demi/Yotube

by Zainab Binte Kashif, The Blogging Connection