Apple on September 12th may announce the next iPhone !

Mac4Ever confirms a report that Apple should hold a press event with the Telecom Companies on 12th of September.

This wouldn’t have been a big surprise as because Apple since 2012 has been announcing new iPhones on  the month of every September. We’ll all get to know for sure and as soon as possible as Apple would be  sending press invites for an event in just few days.

Image Source: Apple

If you are planning on buying a new iPhone,then i think you should wait for few weeks as because Apple may start the  (pre-order) of this new anticipated  device which always launches right after a few days after the press conference.

People who ain’t planning to buy a new iPhone just yet, will get a huge software update with iOS11 because Apple will be launching their final version of iOS in between September 12 and September 22.

Image Source: iPhone8 Release Date.Com

Apple may also announce a new Apple Watch which may luckily have LTE connectivity.

A rumour that Apple is working on more than two devices,  actually you all can say Apple is working on three different iPhone models, for the company for announcing more powerful iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus and as well as the well anticipated new member of the iPhone family the (iPhone 8) which features a slightly taller in screen size which completely fills the front of the device leaving a space at the top for the speakers, sensors and the camera. Expectations are, it should have a better camera on the back and as well as the front of the device. The new device may also have inductive charging and better face detection.

Video Source: Bijo Varghese/ YouTube

We can expect a bit of above imagination. 

by Ankit, The Blogging Connection