Story of a black woman

Oprah has been up to a lot lately. I got to say, she has her little entrepreneurial fingers in many projects lately. Oprah said that 2017 would be her “Year of Adventure”. And she wasn’t playing.

With a new Cookbook, holidays with the Obamas and several movies produced. Also landing a 60 min T.V. show….

She’s even lost a whopping 40 lbs and wait a minute it gets even 🔥. Drum Roll please… She is even considering to become our next president in 2020.

Here are some of the statements the lady with all different trades is saying. I m excited to join forces with historic news programs, which for me represents the bastion of Journalistic Storytelling.

So lastly but not least
What we all been dying to hear.
She has come out with a movie. That’s right you heard me right. She is finally back in the movie scene.

Image Source: Reuters

Movie is entitled The immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Talks about a woman who is suffering from cervical cancer…

Now can we say that what Oprah has been doing in the year of 2017 is simply Earth Shattering as well as breathtaking.

Applause to you Ms. Oprah and your success.

We love you.

Image Source: Stanford Business School Of Graduate

by Etoya Otis, The Blogging Connection