Slave traders are broadcasting videos on Facebook

Nowadays Facebook is been getting content by scandals. Recently the Times Newspaper reported that the slave traders are broadcasting videos on Facebook where they are torturing the migrants and their family to extort money from them.

A live footage of the migrants had remained on the social network for months where the Libyan gangmasters are threatening the lives of the migrants.

According to the Times Newspaper report the footage which was uploaded on Facebook showed many weak, ill and injured migrants who are being threaten by the slave traders. These migrants are mostly from Somalis and Ethiopia. They huddled together in a concrete cellar pleading for their lives.

Mohammed Abdiker, a member of the International Organisation for migration raised his voice that how come Facebook isn’t taking a step towards this? Why Facebook techies are not putting an effort to stop these smugglers from using Facebook for racketeering?

The newspaper also reported that a video that had been posted on June 9 was still on the site until yesterday.

The Times told that in the future post, pages and groups related to people smuggling activity will not be allowed on Facebook. It will be removed by the global teams, who work with the law enforcement agencies around the world.

Facebook has also faced with the series of public outcries over content moderation related to suicides, murders and child abuse.

Facebook recently announced that they would be adding 3,000 additional staff to it’s content moderation and techy giants team.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also said that the developments in Al technology will enable automated content moderation within some time. Though he is warned likely a year ago for scenarios. It is not doing much to stop people utilizing Facebook to profit from human misery.

Therefore, we also need Facebook to be a place where people can raise awareness, and sometimes controversial issues.

Now onwards there will be a warning screen and age will be limited for only 18+ and over.

Image Source: Reformed African American Network

by Rahul, The Blogging Connection