“Stranger Things” is getting a third season ,and a fourth if you behave yourself.

The American brothers behind the “Stranger Things” Matt and Ross Duffer who are credited with creating, writing, directing and co -executive producing, the critically acclaimed series of Stranger Things.”Stranger Things”-this thrilling Netflix original drama stars award winning actress Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, who lives in a small Indiana town in 1983, inspired by a time when tales of science  fiction captivated audience.

Where Joyce’s 12 years old son will go missing ,she launches a terrifying investigation.Stranger things is a science fiction horror web television series created.The stranger things creator told vulture that there darling miniseries born of sci -fi and 80s nostalgia will get a third season and hopefully a fourth, before they envision the end .That is equally good news for fans who want more and those worrying of season losing its charm as it tries to stretch out its story. Plus those kids are growing up fast .

Season 2 was kept tightly under wraps but with a few tidbits, including that eleven will back and Dustin is getting a strange pet from another world. Ahead of its highly anticipated second season, Stranger Things is officially getting a third the interviewer revealed in a new interview published.

The show has also a cast a host of new Characters. Its nostalgic mix of monsters ,broken families but what could have potentially been its biggest asset and has been frequently touted as such turn out to be so unfortunately the biggest disappointment instead.Stranger things also recalls the feel of another 1980s film.People take a keen interest in it and are too much excited for the upcoming seasons with a lot of interest and by revealing suspense.

So people stay tuned for more “Stranger Things”

Video Source: Netflix/ YouTube

by Zainab Binte Kashif, The Blogging Connection