The best college towns to live and get your esteemed degree

In today’s life, college education is a much required qualification for a good job. Moreover, most jobs offered now require a college degree from a good college. College towns are a great option to opt for as they not only are good because of the thriving student population but also because these towns are epicenters of blooming businesses and jobs. So, you can study at your preferred college, earn in the same town as well as enjoy a great evening with friends and colleagues.

When you consider the college town you want to spend the next four years in, take into consideration important points like the surroundings, student population, good job availability, safety, transportation, food and a great, mesmerising night life. Because you are not going anywhere from that particular town for the consecutive few years, TBC has jotted down the best college towns to live and get your esteemed degree.

Boulder, Colorado

Image Source: University Of Colorado

Boulder is home to the University of Colorado where Colorado Shakespeare Festival takes place. The University is well known for the courses in business and engineering it provides. Boulder is no less in terms of scenic beauty too as the city boasts of beautiful mountain views. The city is also considered one of the most liberal cities in the west.

If you are worried about the food here, The Pearl Street Mall has several restaurants to choose from and is a major social center of the city. IBM Corporation and Lockheed Martin are one of the major employers in this city which is mostly loved by nature enthusiasts.

Charlottesville, Virginia

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Home to the University of Virginia and located in Central Virginia, this city is something that’ll keep you busy at all times. The city was named the happiest city in America in 2014 by the U. S. National Bureau of Economic Research. It has one of the best scenarios with hills and sprawling vineyards. You name it and Charlottesville will not disappoint you. It has the best restaurants and is also a great place for outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking. Also, Charlottesville can be named as one of the most liberal towns in the South. All this doesn’t come as a surprise for a town that was designed by Thomas Jefferson himself. The University provides courses in law, business and medicine and major employers include the Pharmaceutical Research Association and University of Virginia Medical Center.

Flagstaff, Arizona

Image Source: Flagstaff Downtown Business Alliance

Hone to Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff is one of the most family friendly communities and also a very busy city. If you are a fan of the night sky, behold the historic Lowell Observatory is also located here. Trust me when I say that this is the place where you’ll get the best stargazing experience. Apart from that, Flagstaff gives you employers like the Flagstaff Medical Center and the Walgreens Distribution Center. The University is also one of the fastest growing university in the state and is known for programs in health sciences and education.

Fort Collins, Colorado

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The fourth largest populated town in the state, Fort Collins is located 60 miles away from Denver but that’s okay because you experience the best here. It has been ranked one of the best places to live in and is a thriving town with a great nightlife. Major employers include Hewlett Packard, Intel, AMD and

so on. It is packed with natural beauty too as it has waterfalls and rock formations and has a beautiful hiking trail.

Lawrence, Kansas

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Home to University of Kansas and Haskell Indian Nations University, Lawrence is the sixth largest city in Kansas. Fun fact: Lawrence is the default starting point for Google Earth because Brian McClendon, the director of engineering is a Kansas University alumnus. If you don’t already know, it was Jayhawks’ 1st coach who invented basketball. Are you impressed now? If not, here is another fact about Lawrence. You get access to soft, smooth cream cheese donuts for 24 hours each day. There are plenty of bars and drinks to choose from and is also a very vital music scene.

St. Augustine, Florida

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You have to agree with me when I say that St. Augustine is a blend of the best of old and new. It is the oldest city in Florida and hence, has a great Spanish influence and is a treasure house of Spanish history. The city is home of the Flagler College whose dorm rooms are situated in the famous Ponce de Leon Hotel. Major employers here include the Northrup Grumman government contractors and St. Johns County School District and also the growing tourism industry. The college is known for programs in humanities, social sciences, communication, educations and arts. Also, just so you know and take this into consideration too that St. Augustine has 43 miles of beach to offer when you want to have fun outdoors.

Ithaca, New York

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With beautiful landscapes which include gorges and waterfalls and home to Ivy League College and Cornell University, Ithaca is a very laid back area. It has wineries too which include fifteen different wineries, a few distilleries and a mead plant. The University provides courses in medicine, computer science, business, engineering and English.

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Image Source: Todd Gill, Flyer staff

For all the business students out there, do have a look at Fayetteville before choosing any other college town because Forbes ranked the city as the 8th best city for business and careers in 2010. Serving as the location of the University of Arkansas, it has a thriving nightlife and great local bars and restaurants to enjoy and entertain yourself. Major employers include University of Arkansas, Walmart’s corporate headquarters, and Tyson.

Bloomington, Illinois

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Bloomington and its twin city Normal are home to Illinois Wesleyan University and Illinois State University. With a student population of 22,592, you are bound to feel welcomed in this beautiful city. The place is a busy and active city serving as the corporate headquarters for State Farm Insurance, Country Financial, Mitsubishi and so on. Another reason why you should check this town out is the very low cost of living that will likely interest young college town seekers.

Oxford, Mississippi

Image Source: Tasting Table

Oxford has almost always been in the list of the top college towns in America and do not think it is for no reason. Oxford has some of the best to offer you when it comes to music, football and a really great

night life. The town is home to the University of Mississippi and you cannot escape the southern charm and love of this particular place. For all the football fans out there, the Vaught Hemingway Stadium is situated in Oxford so you might be watching the next SEC game in one of the most famous and grand stadiums. Do not overlook the fact that Oxford is not just a normal college town but a closely knit community where you’ll feel like home away from home.

Bloomington, Indiana

Image Source: Everywhere Signs

Having quite a reputation as a “party town”, Bloomington is one of the best college towns in the nation. Home to Indiana University, it is known for its traditional approach and has one of the best and most beautiful college campuses in the US. Also, the town known for attracting talent and retaining them due to the large number of employers in the tech, pharmaceutical and education sectors. It is also named the 3rd best place for business career by Forbes Magazine. A town that will never make you feel like you are an outsider, Bloomington also offers some best food and festivals to enjoy.

Lafayette, Indiana

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Home to Purdue University, Lafayette has a student population of 38,788. Also, the University has the 3rd largest Greek System in the nation and the Wabash river will give you the outdoor sports rush that you need. Also, it is known for the local restaurants and bars where you can experience the best of social life out of our smart phones. The largest employers besides the University itself are Caterpillar, Wabash National and Subaru.

Manhattan, Kansas

Image Source: Livability

Though small, Manhattan has a lot more to offer than you think. In 2011, Forbes ranked the town as the best small community for a business and career. Also, the town has major employers like Kansas Department of Agriculture, The National Bio and Agro- Defence Facility and also Kansas State University. The town serves as the location of Kansas State University which boasts of 24,000 students. You will not be disappointed by the night life and cultural events it has to offer.

Columbia, Missouri

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Columbia is a very ideal option for you if you have a tight budget. With affordable rental housing and a great taste of good restaurants, it is home to University of Missouri, Columbia College and Stephens College. If you love indie and jazz music then you’ll love the nightlife here. Government jobs are abound and if you do not want to work under the Government then major employers like MFA Oil and healthcare sector that include Palmetto Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina are also there.

Fargo, North Dakota

Image Source: Livability-Scott Thuen

One of America’s fastest growing college towns, Fargo is home to the North Dakota State University and has a student population of over 14,600. Major employers include Sanford Health, North Dakota State University. There are various options for entertainment and the city was also named one of the small cities to start a business or work.

College Station, Texas

Image Source: Chron

You might have often heard about how colleges and universities came to an established city but College Station is a city that was built around a University. Talk about originality. It has a student population of 58,809 and is home of Texas A&M University and was named the most educated city in Texas. There are 52 parks where you want to take a little walk or you can go hiking or maybe try swimming or ride a bike. You name it and this town has it. Wide range of diverse restaurants and food trucks will keep you fed all the time and there is no lack of bars and dance clubs if you want a happening nightlife in your college life. As far as jobs are concerned, NASA, National Institute of Health and so on are currently engaged in research work here where you might get a good job.

Blacksburg, Virginia

Image Source: Blacksburg Lodging

With more than 150 restaurants , pubs, boutiques, Blacksburg is a beautiful college town to consider and is home to Virginia Tech and Radford University. With beautiful campuses and great food, it will definitely win your heart when you know that you can even have a pizza slice bigger than your face without hurting the budget. Also, it is close to many hiking spots which makes it ideal for the outdoor enthusiasts. And did I mention that this particular place has a great community where people of every background will blend in easily.

Tempe, Arizona

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Tempe was named after the Vale of Tempe in Greece and is located in Maricopa County, Arizona. It is home to Arizona State University and also the University of Phoenix. Tempe is also the most coveted commercial office space in Arizona. 500 large fortune companies are based here. For example Go daddy and First Solar. The city has a lot more to offer than just career options and good college and if it doesn’t hurt that much, consider settling here.

South Bend, Indiana

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South Bend is the proud college town where the famous University of Notre Dame is situated. The city is the fourth largest in Indiana and sits on the bank of St. Joseph river. It is also the biggest economic and cultural hotspot in Norther Indiana. For those of you who don’t know, South Bend is a great option for setting up your business because it has a great and rich business community. It is also the home of well known corporations like the Bosch Corporation and Honeywell Corporation which offers you great job opportunities.

Ames, Iowa

Image Source: Sports Illustrated 

Primarily an agricultural town, Ames has one of the most esteemed agricultural colleges in the nation. Home to Iowa State University, the town is a center of thriving arts culture and agricultural advancements. The United States Department of Agriculture and headquarters of the Iowa Department of Transportation are situated here. Major employers include the Iowa Department of Transportation and Mary Greely Medical Center. The university offers the best programs in agricultural engineering and veterinary medicine. It also has one of the best labs and the US Departments of Energy and Agriculture laboratories are situated here.

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by Esther Vaiphei, The Blogging Connection