“Canada is having all the good news this year”- US is losing its Tech gurus to Canada

It is most likely that Canada is having all the good news this year. It is the most positive influential country of the year and now, it seems like it is benefiting from its neighbour who is not doing as well as it should be.

With the wake of the Trump Administration, US is losing its Tech gurus to Canada. According to a new survey, Donald Trump’s victory in the Presidential election has been a somewhat bad news for the tech world in US as US-based engineers and tech entrepreneurs are shifting way too far North and are landing on the Canadian soil leaving behind the US. The qualitative survey was based on the reviews of 43 high-growth Canadian start-ups.

As Canada has been growing in the last few years in the technology sector, it has been producing undeniable job offers that is attracting genius tech minds. Under the leadership of President Justin Trudeau, the Canadian government is also opening the gates to recruit more talent from all over the world and has amended its Express Entry program of skilled worker visas to make it an easier ordeal to work in Canada. This makes it clear that Canada is taking all the chances to become a thriving tech center in the coming years.

With Trump winning the 2016 elections, not only American but most foreign workers looking to emigrate are choosing Canada as the best option. Most people believe that maybe it was Trump’s victory that convinced many tech geniuses to reconsider the country they want to work in. With Toronto and Vancouver are also buckling up and are turning into powerhouses in the tech world, Canada is emerging as a force to be reckoned with in tech world too.

Also, Trump has promised to clamp down on the H-18 visas that bring around 85,000 skilled international workers into America each year and has also promised to build a wall with Mexico and deport immigrants. What the Trump government is not paying heed to is that with deportation of numerous talented minds and blocking of visas of efficient workers, it eventually carves a way for Canada to succeed in the sector. Of course, Silicon Valley will still be the one and only epicenter of technology and innovation but the success that Canada is making in this very sector is undeniable.

It is estimated that by the time the world will reach 2019 A.D., Canada will have 182,000 job openings in the tech sector and here is the twist, there will not be enough Canadians to fill them or let’s say only a negligible number of Canadians will be eligible to fill them. For now, there are 71,000 tech companies across Canada who are responsible for over 7% of Canada’s economic output and 5.6% of Canada’s total employment.

What makes Canada so desirable among workers is not only the immense number of job offers but also it’s reputation for tolerance and openness to diversity and immigration. And now, with UK leaving EU and Trump taking on his role as POTUS, Canada has become one of the only safe and best options to opt for when choosing a foreign country to work in. Canada is a great option because it has better surroundings, better schools, lower commute times, mesmerizing natural environment and also better job openings.

Image Source: Canadaperu.Org

by Esther Vaiphei, The Blogging Connection