The youngest commercial pilot in the nation

 Kalengo Kamwendo Is a young twenty year old that has a raw god given natural ability in flying. And it has his name sweeping across the nation.

Image Source:  Kalengo Kamwendo/Twitter

He was born in Kitwe Zambia’s Copperbelt. Kamwendo took up an interest in Aviation industry while he was attending 10th and 11th grade. He was super smart in his studies which were English, Mathematics and Physics. Inevitably this young pilot clocked in a 1000 flying hours. Which made him an officer….

Image Source: Ndoreketa

1000 more he will rank in being a Captain. Wow, this is really impressive. This is sometimes hard for others but this kid makes it look like a piece of cake.

Image Source:  Africa Updates

by Etoya Otis, The Blogging Connection