Folks the BittBoy is here!

Of all the obscure clone consoles to come out of the Far East, the BittBoy is one of the most interesting we’ve seen in a long time – for obvious reasons. We’re massive fans of the original Game Boy here at Nintendo Life and the fact that the BittBoy shamelessly steals the same basic design was enough to get our attention. However, this dinky little device doesn’t run Game Boy games (that would make too much sense), but instead contains a NES emulator and 300 titles of wildly varying quality. And if it wasn’t blindingly obvious already, this isn’t an official product.

Costing around $30 and coming in white, red, black and sky blue, the BittBoy is essentially a portable NES emulator. The 2.5-inch IPS screen is bright and colourful with good viewing angles, while the mono speaker is surprisingly punchy for a unit of this size. On the bottom there’s a Micro USB port for charging the internal 500mAh battery, as well as a port to connect the unit to your TV for the big-screen experience, while the right-hand side is home to the volume dial.

Video Source: This Does Not Compute

n the front you’ll find a nice, big D-Pad as well as four face buttons, Start, Select and Reset – the latter of which returns you to the console’s main menu, where you select one of 300 different games to play. This menu is accompanied by the level one music from Mighty Final Fight and features artwork from Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, two Capcom games which are included on the console. On the top of the unit there’s the power switch and what looks like a MicroSD card slot, which hints at the tantalising ability to load up your own games. Unfortunately, the slot doesn’t do anything, so we can save you the bother of attempting to insert a card. We already did that, and were dismayed to find that it simply dropped inside the BittBoy, forcing us to open up the unit in order to retrieve it. When we did we found no MicroSD card mechanism on the inside – just fresh air.

Image Source: Mike Epstein/Digital Trends

by Avinandan, The Blogging Connection