Linton & Trump making laugh America again, showing their wrong face politics

It looks like the Trump Administration is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. This time the headline was made by the newly appointed Secretary of the Treasury’s wife Louise Linton. On 21st August, 2017, Steve Mnuchin and his wife Louise Linton who is a Scottish actress allegedly took a government flight to Fort Knox, Kentucky. This was also the day when America experienced Solar Eclipse.

The real issue started when Linton posted a picture of her accompanying her husband or more specifically her exiting the government plane, wearing one of the most expensive labels in the fashion industry. Adding the picture to Instagram, she, like any other celebrity, used hashtags to highlight the designers and labels she was adorning in the picture. They included renowned designers like Tom Ford, Valentino, Hermes. When a commentator criticized Linton for using a government flight for an undefined trip, she replied sarcastically saying, “Pretty sure the amount we sacrifice per year is a lot more than you’d be willing to sacrifice if the choice was yours.” Suggesting that she contributed more to the country than the critic, she also remarked, “You’re adorably out of touch.” Later, realizing the blunder, Linton deleted the comment and also apologized for both her post and reply.

Image Source: el pasado mes de febrero – ABC

Many of the supporters of the Trump Government are the big shots who favour Republican Party policy agenda of lower taxes and less corporate regulations. Trump and his administration also have shown support towards the wealthier part of the population unlike the promise he made to look after the common folk during his campaigns.

In his campaign, the current President stated that it was necessary to bash the bankers but it looks like he, himself, is not willing to abide by the idea. His appointed officials are dominated by mostly white and male. Also, he has appointed Linton’s husband Steven Mnuchin who is a former Goldman Sachs banker as the Secretary of the Treasury. Mnuchin and the other officials are already on the way of dismantling almost every financial reforms that were enacted after the Great Recession.

Also, the Trump government has already started stripping off the fiduciary rule that was imposed during the Obama rule which stated that financial advisers were to act in the best interest of their clients and not imposing unnecessary costs and taking commissions and bonuses for themselves at the expense of the clients. This move is expected to affect the retirees greatly as they will lose around $3.7 billion in savings. Volcker Rule which prevents the reckless financial bets by banks which was one of the major causes of the Great Recession, is also expected to be stripped down by Trump.

Whatever rules that Former US President Barack Obama implemented to protect the working class are being taken off the book of Law one by one and it is heart breaking. Trump’s government has already.

Image Source: Reuters

by Esther Vaiphei, The Blogging Connection