One of the smartest phone of this generation – Galaxy 8

One of the biggest with balls to the walls 6.3inch best display in the business with a incredible screen to body ratio the galaxy note 8 people.

If you are looking for everything this phone has it all, it still has a headphone jack a huge  relief, a USB type C and this is the first Samsung device with a dual lens set up with optical imaging stabilization on both the lenses and yes of course it performs better than when compared to a IPhone 7 plus.

The latest from Snapdragon inside with 6gigs of ram can handle anything you throw at it and also it’s water resistant and even it magically stays water resistant when the pen it removed.

Video Source: Marques Brownlee/YouTube

This beauty has Bluetooth 5.0 and has a expandable storage with a battery with enough juice to last you all day long.

Samsung has given you the ability to take advantage of the huge screen of the Note 8 by launching two app at once know as something they call “pairs”

For the S Pen being the key part of the Note family has a lot of utilities as we know and Samsung adding up some personal touch on the phone to make better use of the S Pen which is more satisfying.Over all the phone has some note taking stuffs for it  and a sweet feature called “Live messages”

Whatsoever this phone is here folks on the market ready to be shipped out to your home to be used by you, one of the smartest phone of this generation.

The galaxy note 8

Image Source: CNET

by Ankit, The Blogging Connection