The journey of Khosrowshahi, from a refugee to tech superstar

One of the most amazing feeling is achieving one’s goal, and the best reality behind all the success one can achieve is “no dreams” is bigger than an individual’s courage. On Sunday, Uber’s board official gave the top position  to Dara Khosrowshahi, the ex CEO of Expedia.

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Dara Khosrowshahi, 48 years old  has lived an extraordinary life of hardship and now a completely different platform, should he accept it? 

He is now in the spotlight, as he is taking over the most valuable startup of worth more than $60 billion. The journey of Khosrowshahi from a refugee to tech superstar is an amazing story. In the year of 2012, Khosrowsahi got married to a lady name Shapiro, native of Sydney.

The couple loved to be called as ‘Sci-fi-geeks’. On their wedding the bride wore a T-shirt from heavy metal band Slayer. The couple have four kids. As a leader, he’s the opposite of Kalanick. Khosrowshahi is known to be friendly, calm and drama free, he’s comfortable in public eyes.

It is suspected that Khosrowshahi, who has lived an affluent life, won’t likely take up the Uber’s job until and unless he is paid well. Uber has already made billions out of several of its early investors, based on the value of stocks.

Khosrowshahi will also turn up to be a billionaire if he takes up the job. Expedia’s board was so much happy with Khosrowshahi’s performance in the year 2015 that Expedia awarded him a massive $91 million stock grant in addition to his nearly $4 million salary and banks. Khosrowshahi spent  few years as the chief finance/strategy guy at IAC until it spun Expedia out in 2005 with him as CEO and Diller as Chairman.

Thus Khosrowshahi will be leading a completely different and amazing life as the CEO of Uber.

Image Source: Drew Angerer / Getty

by Zainab Binte Kashif, The Blogging Connection