12 apps for your iPhone which you can find on Appstore,  which works better than the Apple own first party pre loaded app

There are 12 apps for your iPhone which you can find on Appstore  which works better than the Apple own first party pre loaded apps. Here you go, the 12 apps here are as follows…….

Microsoft Outlook instead of Mail

Outlook is one of the best and most refined email app out there, this improves your productivity by allowing you to take advantage of its features such as by letting you check all your attachments files in one dedicated folder also allows u to pin tabs on your calendar and more little bits of small time saving features making everything easier for you.

Google Calendar instead of Calendar

Google Calendar looks beautiful and  shows you the whole month on the top of the screen and shows you what’s up next at the bottom and by scrolling down you can see what’s coming up next and to jump on the present day, tap the top right corner of the screen. This app can also extract all information from Facebook, iCloud and Google like Apples calendar.

Evernote instead of Note

Though Apple’s note app has improved over the years  but Evernote is still the best to get your job done. Evernote let’s you create notes out of pictures, having some interesting note highlighting features you can also set reminders and the fun part is if u take pictures of your document it’s powerful search function can scan what’s written, this app being extremely efficient and better that the Apple Note is a clear winner.

Google Maps instead of Maps

The most reliable and detailed navigation app which gives you the quickest route all of the time and is far better than Apple’s navigation app however we already know it and have it in our phones.


Recordium instead of Voice Memo

Recordium clear edge better than Apple’s Memo app. Recordium gives you three functionality of free editing your clips however it also sync with your Google drive or Dropbox.

Spotify instead of Apple Music

Spotify being around about the same per month as the Apple Music. Spotify is the most polished music app out there with a ton of impressive features being the best in the game winning against Apple Music app by its better music discoverability.

Dark Sky instead of Weather

Apple’s Weather app is just fine and works most of the time specially its “Weather Underground” service all are using the same information as the Weather Channels. Dark Sky being more accurate and detailed by even minute to minute predictions to hours to hours forecast of the next day and the  week. The App looks beautiful and is very user-friendly.

Mercury instead of Safari

You may not have heard about Mercury but it’s better and faster then Safari/Chrome, Mercurry out performing Apple’s app with a lot of features like allowance of changing background theme, can handle up to 10 tabs at once and can save files directly from web pages which even you can manage separately on your on way.

Word instead of Pages

Microsoft bringing Word to the iPhone making easy to read and write on any format of document with texts equations and photos and having features like different documents layouts which is extremely user-friendly and a well refined as an app.

Myfitnesspal instead of Health

Apple’s Health app isn’t exactly bad but on the other hand Myfitnesspal offers you a lot more. The app even let’s you scan barcodes on your food for providing you with the best diet database of food to keep you fittest  however having more features to it, it is very user-friendly and keeps your body in better shape than the Apple’s Health app.

Videoshop instead of iMovie

Videoshop is simple and easy to use, it let’s you cut and combine your contents into bigger contents like a movie and more user-friendly than Apple’s iMovie. Videoshop also has a nice touch to it letting you share your things once you are done in just a tap of a button.

PowerPoint instead of keynote

Keynote offers you various formatting options and animations letting you create your perfect slide shows the way you want it. PowerPoint is more refined and a polished app in the market and is more user-friendly then Apple’s keynote.

by Ankit, The Blogging Connection