Last but definitely not the least!

The smallest season of Game of thrones came to an end this Sunday. But like always the season finale has left us wanting for more. This season can be termed as the game changer because of many reasons. The most highlighted one being the relation between the dragon queen and the king in the north. The season finale was packed with suspense, thrill and most importantly heart break.

Here are some of the small details that one might have missed while watching “The Dragon & the Wolf”:

  • In the midst of the high end confrontation at the dragon pit, Jon Snow warns Cersei that the real enemy would not negotiate. We have always known that Jon Snow takes the Great War very seriously and so when Cersei was not willing to negotiate Jon Snow explains that the Night King will never will never sympathise or will never listen. This also gives us hints that the night king will never talk.
  • In the dragon pit, Daenerys said a phrase in high valyrian describing that a dragon will never be a slave. This phrase was last used in season three when Daenaerys took over the slave’s bay. Well she uses this phrase when she was describing what dragon pit was.
  • Daenerys and Jon having a conversation on her being infertile. Daenerys believes that she cannot be a mother and that the dragons are the only children she can have. Mirri Maz Dur, the witch who killed Dani’s unborn child and put Khal Drago to a vegetative state told the dragon queen that her husband Khal will return only when Dani can again bear a child. But as Khal is no more so Dani believes that she can never have a child. But as per leaks are to be believed Dani gets pregnant with Jon’s chils. So does that mean Khal will return? Let’s wait and watch.
  • This finale finally describes who Jon Snow is, both a targaryen and a stark. If I am not wrong in the following seasons Jon will also have a problem with dealing wih his own identity.
  • In winterfell we witness another blindside but we all agree that we are extremely happy with little finger dying and finally after so many years we can witness the real bond that Arya and Sansa shares. Beacuase in winter we need to keep each other safe.
  • Lastly we get to see the ice dragon, and what a scene it was and yes the wall is broken but we are all concerned for Beric and Tormund. Some are presuming that they are dead where as some are still hoping to see them. Beric and Tormund might still be stranded atop the Wall. Plus this means that they’re behind the army of dead who just marched through the new gap in the Wall. So we’re not sure how they’d re-enter the fold on season eight, but at least we’re pretty confident they’re still alive.

As per gossips mongers the eighth season might not return till 2019 but until then we do have a lot of small details to guess what may be in store for us. Winter has arrived.

by Anujeet Paul, The Blogging Connection