Thousands  of vegans are expected  to march through  London 

Thousands  of vegans are expected  to march through  London  on Saturday demanding  an end  to all animal oppression.

The marches, on September 2, are part of what  activists have described a ‘ consolidated global effort to make the vegan voice heard’.

The London  march, which has been organized by activist group Surge with support  from The Save Movement and HeartCure Collective,will see activists descend on Parliament, as part of the bid to shine a light on the animal rights  message.

Surge co-founder  Ed Winters said that seeing the vegans taking taking the streets  was a humbling  sign of the changing attitudes society  is having  the  treatment  of nonhuman animals.

Organisers  said that as vegans they stand against  all forms of oppression, with no exceptions  defined by species. That is the time for society to understand that the life of an animal is  worth far more than the taste buds.

Organisers also mentioned  that the future  is vegan, but to that they must  take to the streets  and continue to speak out on behalf of the animals until  the day that their suffering  ends.

Last year about 2,500 people took part in the first Official  Animal Rights March and organisers hope that the September 2 rally would  be even bigger, louder, bolder, and brighter.

Last October  thousands  marched through London  to protest against  the way animals are exploited and killed millions.

Ed Winters,  from Surge, said that the purpose  of the march  was to create a sense of community  within  the animal  rights movement  and show  the society  that attitudes towards  animals were continuing  to grow  and change and that the number of vegans in the UK is growing  incredibly  fast and people want this march to reflect and further  push the issue  of animal exploitation unto the  mainstream  agenda .

The world  needs to digest  the fact that animals are not here for us  but  are here with us. And we certainly  don not get to  absorb  this without a big cause because  we, the people  go for the lust of our taste buds  and the luxe of our living. It was then when hunting  animals for their skin was a prior of pride but that era is surely  not taken advanced and intellectual.

In the 21st century  we people call ourselves  advance, intellectual and educated but somehow forgot to consider some important part of ecosystem.

Not only there are vegan alternatives to animal products but in fact  living vegan lifestyle is healthier and vastly better  for the environment.

The Vegan Society  estimates there’s at least 542,000 people in Britain  who are now following  a vegan diet.

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by Israt Yasmin, The Blogging Connection