“how many refugees  suffered?” & “for how long do they need to suffer?”

Alan Kurdi, a three year  old Syrian boy was found  lifeless on the shores of Turkey. Due to the disruptions caused by the ISIS and being refugees from a good  period of time the Kurdi family tried to make their way out to a safe and secure place, to give themselves  the environment  of homage they were moving to Canada to their blood  relaters through the Mediterranean sea but fate did not give  them the chance. 

The family  did their best possible  ways to get their Visa but it’s their unfortunate that the documents required  were not officially  complete as they were the refugees and certainly  could not reach for their visa.To remove the tag of refugee they sought for a different way to help themselves, they went for unofficial or rather illegal  transportation . The helping  hand was of a smuggler.

The Khurdis were not the only family  there but many other refugee families like them.  They were provided by a inflatable boat  with life jackets that hardly did it’s  work.  This unexpected  worthlessness was met  by an unexpected rough face of sea . They  came to realize that nothing  worked at that moment.Meanwhile little Alan’s lifeless body washed to the shore.This is not about an incident  that happened  two years ago but the question  that arises is that “how many refugees  suffered?” and “For how long do they need to suffer?”

Refugees are still  in deep water seeking for that one shore which will keep  them secure.  The land where they are living  as refugees in that particular  land how can they be raised as questions, how can people  deny them for any official mean.

The family  was bound to take that illegal  means of transportation which smuggled for their voyage to a safe and secure place but certainly the boat was not meant for many  people and the life jackets were lifeless even which lead not only one Alan Khurdis but thousands  of Alan Khurdi not known.

Today the question arises for  “how long  do we need to see  and hear this?” and “why do they need to suffer?”.The  world  glorifies a lot of things but Alan Khurdi, a little  life glorified the thousands  lives of refugees.

by Israt Yasmin, The Blogging Connection