Amazon Eco, will surely be a boost in the starting of a new era..

This small step, further in the world of tech in the form of this device is a great advancement. Although the name sounds as a echoing machine, Which it is not but more or less it uses the same concept . As we step into the corporate world life turn very busy each time searching for your smart phone, looking at it is  simply an outdated thing to do . This new device has the answer to almost all the complains against the smart phones. Like Siri for iOS and Jarvis for Iron Man however Amazon Eco also has a built in voice named Alexa which will talk to you, which most of you must be familiar with.

Almost all of us face the problem to wake up early in the morning  nowadays… watching late night movies, texting with friends etc etc  has become a habit of almost all phone users whatsoever the morning alarm rings and you  wake up to shit the snooze button to sleep for  extra 10mins unfortunate but almost every time those extra 10minutes multiplies but  don’t worry folks the amazon eco has many features like setting an alarm but the best part is when the alarm rings you can just speak out to it for putting an alarm for the next 10 mins and  it will do so. Its quite irritating to look at your watch or your phone for the time…mostly when you are late for something.This new device can be asked the time and a unique voice will reply to you.

If you are living by yourself this device will be your perfect partner at home.There are some real exciting features about the Amazon Eco… which is really gonna make you think twice before rejecting this device. Some of its main features include the music playing part. Once you ask it for some music, it will open up your playlist and start playing. You can ask it to play pause or skip the music for you & even play particular music files.

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It allows you use it even when its not in your hands you can ask the Amazon Eco for anything you desire. ..about the weather outside, the recent news, book you movie ticket, grab a uber ride for you can order a pizza and so  on. The device will also be you physician,  gym trainer..  for example if you have a sore throat and ask suggestions from it… the device will tell  you the best results over the internet.

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It also comes with some additional features can help you toss between your options we always do have confusions about where to go and where not. what things should be done first… the device will act as a coin in letting you the more convincing option. People mostly go for the google for knowing the best recusants shopping mall, match results but in this new device you could simply ask it and  it will speak to you about everything you want to know. It also comes with a voice recorder.. where u can record messages or notes. but the astonishing part is you can even edit the voice notes later.

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From keypad phones to touch screen, has been a huge leap in the industry of technology.. The introduction of the Amazon Eco, will surely be a boost in  the starting of a new era.. where everything will be controlled by your voice. It has more features.. n even more is being added to this device. lets leave the rest of the features to find do out yourself. This device is truly worth a try.

by Ankit, The Blogging Connection