“Saving life of 33 kids – Dr. Braun being unconditional  successful at this impossible mission”

It has been three days, of the life taking hurricane Harvey. In the city, Dr. Michael  Braun, Chief  of Pediatric nephrology centre at Texas  Children’s  Hospital was getting  tensed .

The Hurricane  Harvey had already  flooded the  city stranding thousands  of people  in their homes and leaving  many  roads impassable .The flooded city was already  suffering  from life related problems. There were  many young patients who were untreated for several days and this helpless phenomena could lead to death.

Dr. Braun had already  made up his mind to do the maximum that he could do  for the sufferers but this act was indeed next impossible because  nearly 33 kids desperate for immediate  dialysis  has to rescued and they were all scattered in all over the city.

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Dr.  Braun’s patients were relied upon  dialysis which is called “the artificial  kidney”. It  is a treatment  that filters blood to remove nitrogenous waste  and excess fluid, to stay alive in case there is kidney failure.Braun’s Centre is one of the country’s largest clinic for children with kidney failure,  providing  care for babies  through young  adults.

The patients with  kidney failure need  the treatment three to four days a week with  a maximum  of two days between  sessions. If the needful is not none the patients can suffer severe consequences: hypertension, headaches, chest pain, vomiting and ultimately  death.

Being in such helpless and fragile situation  Dr.  Braun understood that he alone would not be able to make the  thing  out so he sought help from Dr. Rita Swinford, the medical director  of the Pediatric unit at Children’s Memorial  Hermann Hospital, which is located  just  four blocks away in an area of southwest  Houston.

In a do or die situation Swinford  itself  couldn’t  arrange  herself  and started panicking.They eventually  did resolve the possible condition, they cared for every child in between  the units in southwest Texas.

Thirty three of their patients were critically  overdue for dialysis  and  desperately needed to get to a unit. They however  need to find a way to get those children  and their families, who were spread all over the region, around  the centre in just  one day.

Sources say that  Dr.  Braun took the help of the coastguard, called him and gave him the list of the patients  and their phone  numbers. They wanted or rather it was their wholehearted mission to track down  all the patients and bring them to the units for dialysis before  it  was enough  late.

Lt. Brad Bryan, the Coast Guard liaison  to the Texas State Emergency Operation  Centre said they immediately  started working  with  the Texas Department of Emergency Management  to create a map of Houston that pinpointed  the location  of each child,  with colour coding based on their criticality.

The whole team started working  efficiently and  they were quickly  able to deploys sweeping rescue  effort which included  first responders from  the Houston  police and fire department, the Coast Guard, a Federal Emergency  Management Agency rescue team and the US Air Force.

There were harrowing trip and  ambulance  to take the young  patients  to the center for their  dialysis.

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To that Dr.  Braun said, “what these families have  been  through is completely  mind-boggling. These are parents  who  are extremely resilient, they are used to dealing  with difficulties and complex medical  care issues. They were all aware that if they couldn’t  get to us, potentially  their children  could  die.”

The news that they were successful  was worth every sleepless minute. The Coast Guard servicemen Bryan and Gardner who spent hours on the phone with the  families throughout the mission  are planning  to meet up with the children  whose lives they helped  save.

Dr. Braun being unconditional  successful at this impossible  mission said, “hearing all these kids were going to be with  their parents, and  they  are going  to survive, is the best gift  I ever could have got.”


News Source: Huffington Post

by Israt Yasmin, The Blogging Connection