Finally there is solution  to the after use of plastic-News from Scotland

Plastic: Regarded  as a very useful mean to store, carry and used as preferable. From cans, containers,  bags to many extremes plastic are having  an inexorable use. We are much satisfied by the easy carriage  and the dispose of the same. “Easy to use, Easily  available, Easy to dispose.”

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The thing we are not aware of or maybe the worst, being aware still don’t bother is that the after use of plastic could be and is creating a lot of instability  in the natural environment.

The instabilities  aggregately affecting  the lives of the land. And to that we are taking few steps forward for effective  use and disposal  of plastic products.

A scheme has been introduced regarding the dispose  return  of plastic, glass bottles and aluminum cans. This was committed by the Scottish  government and Nicola Ferguson Sturgeon, the current First Minister  of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party.

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The scheme was planned in such a way that shoppers will pay  a deposit  of ten or twenty pence per container, which will be refunded when they return  the container  after use.

The Scottish  government wisely executed  their to cut down on plastic  waste after all these wastes are those which are responsible  for  the land to get polluted relating to life threatening  problems further. 

An enquiry has been made by the Zero Waste Scotland into the impact  that the scheme could  have made progressive by making comprehensive comparison of other systems  operated around the world. The enquiry found that the scheme could save up to £7 million per year on litter collection  and disposal.

Sources  say that Catherine  Gemmel, of the Marine  Conservation Society, told Sky News: “Unfortunately, over the last few years, we have seen a big  increase across  our beaches on bottles, cans and on glass as well.”

She later added, “This is why we think a deposit  return system  will have  huge impact on decreasing the amount that we’re  finding  on our beaches.”

Not only in Scotland these schemes are already running in a range of European countries, as well as parts of the US,  Canada and Australia.

This is a start up for a huge progress. Such a nature friendly scheme should be adopted by the maximum government  to reduce the after use deadly effects  of plastic.

Image Source: Omni Cycle

by Israt Yasmin, The Blogging Connection