“why didn’t the people who were meant to protect them, do anything about it?”

Last month after the interview with Sun, the paper published Sarah Champion’s comments about “British Pakistani Men” stating “ “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls” , grabbing lot of attention from a number of Sikh,Hindu & British Pakistani Communities.

Ina letter to The Times Today – Network of Sikh Organisations, the British Pakistani Christian Association and Hindu Council UK praised her saying “We commend Sarah Champion and the Muslim councillor Amina Lone for speaking up on a clear trend in criminality”. Lord Singh of Wimbledon-who praised Sarah Champion for taking a “courageous stand” in highlighting “a clear trend in criminality.”

The letter also claimed of possibilities that the Labour leadership of having a “weak response” to the issue of grooming gangs.

Champion was sacked by the Labour’s Shadow Cabinet after making the comments in the article but in an interview last weekend she defended her words, saying the “floppy left” in her party were too scared of being accused of racism to tackle child sexual exploitation carried out by grooming gangs.

The letter to The Times Today also states “Despite being sacked from the shadow cabinet, Champion continues to make a courageous stand.”

Her comments drew support from English Defence League which hold a demonstration in Keighley, West Yorkshire on Saturday.

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn told HuffPost UK that he has a “lot of time and a lot of respect” for Champion but added: “We mustn’t demonise a community of people because the actions of people in abusing women, abusing children and grooming is illegal, is appalling and is wrong and they of course should be prosecuted for it. 

“But you cannot say it is a feature of an entire ethnic community, it has to be a feature of those that undertake those criminal actions.” 

We show our support for the lady, the stand which she took it will only help us to make a better community, where our kids will be safe.

by Pranoy Maitra, the blogging connection