Nature had once again found its new arena Barbuda for the devastated performances of Irma…

All the organizations of the disaster management has bound to bow their head in front  of nature. In spite of all preventive  measures for the expected effects, Irma is leaving us dumbstruck  by its tremendous  circus.

Antigua and Barbuda welcomes the monster with the best possible  preparation by the previous  allotment. But fails to overcome the circumstances. Certainly, we cannot  withstand  the nature.

On September 6 the tiny Caribbean island  of Barbuda was struck by the Category 5 Hurricane Irma.  Irma took it’s power to the peak and left a trail  of “absolute  devastation”.

Barbuda witnesses Irma with 185 mph (295 Kph) winds,  destroying houses, snapping  tress and leading  to one immediate loss of live.

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The island  was described  as “barely habitable” after Irma struck the place early on Wednesday by Gaston Browne the Prime Minister of the two-island  nation Antigua and Barbuda.

After a recent visit to the island, the Prime Minister told the local ABS Television Radio, “this rebuilding  initiative will take years.” He also confirmed that one person  died in the storm.

Browne described  the total island as an “absolute devastation”. As there was a loss of live the whole island had loss of almost  all the properties snapping  a Telecom tower which caused an estimated  damage of some $150 million.

Aerial footage of the island after Irma had passes through showed a desolate, flooded landscape, shorn of trees and foliage with overturned  vehicles and scattered debris.

Browne could not assume wild  that the storm would bring destruction  to the whole island leaving  it flooded and making  beauty to bald. The Prime Minister  witnessed  this from his own sight when he took a helicopter  ride to the island after the storm  was at peace.

Browne defining his responsibilities said that Barbudan residents  should be evacuated if a second  hurricane, Jose, turns toward the island later this week .

Another performer of the circus is coming  to stun us as it forecasted to become a major storm and pass close to Antigua and Barbuda  on Saturday.

Barbuda is one of the quietest getaways for tourists  coming to enjoy its turquoise seas and coral reefs. But gaining  no victory  over nature we can only support and help  the victims  to recover  as soon as possible. We always  hope for the best  and will make it best as possible.

Image Source: NOOA

by Israt Yasmin, The Blogging Connection
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