Theresa May’s weak leadership, towards no Brexit deal

Theresa May’s weak leadership caused Britain to leave the EU without any trade deal. The main reason behind all this is that Theresa May is not able to lead the government properly.

May ,attended a summit last week but was not able to convince the EU leaders to move the Brexit  negotiations away .May’s cabinet is divided over the no-option deal. According to the foreign secretary the main factor that contributed towards the lack of progress in negotiations with the EU was that the prime minister had no power and authority to control her backbenchers.

Thornberry believed that the government must be true to its people and must let them know the consequences ,if the country was crash out the EU with no trade bill secured. Foreign minister informed that if there is a no deal the government will make sure that life of ordinary people is not harmed.

UK and Spain both share a very important bonding. Spain will try its best to keeps its bonding as much as possible. Communities Secretary on the other hand is having full believe that Britain will retain its place and position as the financial capital and people must be reminded that how lucky are they to be a British.

So it is better wait for the outcome, what is going to happen next as UK is moving towards No Brexit deal.

by Zainab Binte Kashif, The Blogging Connection