Human stress is a fashion; it shouldn’t be managed rather eliminated

When you don’t grab your mind and maintain its working accordingly,  a “juju” called stress seem to grab human mind

According to discussion with all my peers suffering from the “juju”, it was my part if realisation that when you stop being in contact with your family, nature, and the proper self then this is quite a common problem.

But as it is there’s always a way out. Well,  overcoming this fashion adapting a change in lifestyle will make you a normal human being again. It is something like, when you work whole heartedly for something or on yourself you are never in stress because you go and sleep at night knowing that the part of work required has been successfully done and you sleep sorely.

Sometimes deficit of oxygen can create some kind of “juju “like  that. Increasing oxygen to the brain brain  helps with executive functioning and emotional regulation, making it easier to dampen your stress and emotionally regulate your responses to stress.

Walking also releases endorphins, which improves the prioritizing functions of the brain. After exercise, even a light walk, you are more focused, less distracted and thereby more productive. Regular exercise ends up saving you time, and money, in the long run.

Getting enough sleep, 7-9 hours a night is vital for a healthy mind and body. Sleep is a restoring, processing, and repairing time for your brain.  Brain is incredibly active at this time, and in some cases more than when you’re awake.

Sleep is still work which is very much essential for the working day; it is not the absence of work. Getting enough sleep helps better manage stress and actually reduces stress levels. Investing in more sleep is investing into tomorrow’s output.

Eating wholefoods, which have a low Glycemic Index (GI), like wholegrains, proteins and low-fat dairy can help  combat stress and remain more even tempered throughout the day. Additionally, foods which are high in GI increase feelings of stress. The high GI foods which increase the feelings of stress are sugar, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, foods with additives, and foods high in saturated fat.

Food is the fuel which allows you to perform, so if you want a high-performing life, choose the right fuel.

Chronic stress can be fatal, no matter your age or gender. So it’s best to start preventing and/or combating stress as soon as you can.

Getting 30 minutes of any exercise three times a week. Sleeping for seven to nine hours a night. Eat more whole foods that are low-GI and reduce your intake of high-GI food.

All stress, when managed properly, brings focused, committed and motivated working. What we need is a healthier, balanced and sustainable approach to talking about and dealing with startup stress.

When we integrate any stress-reducing strategies on an individual, organisational or industry-wide level, we start to move stress from the negative to the necessary. We stop blaming and denying.

The most important part is that when you realise that stress and depression are nothing, they are just some terms given to an unnecessary thing, depression is not measurable, most of the diseases unmeasurable is not regarded and hence depression should be eliminated.

by Israt Yasmin, The Blogging Connection

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