Manitoba man skates down on a slippery thick coated ice on the highway

On Tuesday evening, Kristyn and Wade Eftoda, were slowly driving home Wednesday  from Dropmore, Man. — about 330 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg, near the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border  when they saw that the road they were on, Highway 482, was slick with smooth, clear ice, the road was slick and shiny with ice from a storm of freezing rain the night before.

It was just after a rigorous suggestion by his wife that grabbed his hockey skates, laced it up and went  for a spin on the a dark rural and deserted highway.

“The ice I skated on was absolutely perfect,” he said Thursday. “It was almost like a curling rink — it was extremely smooth.”

As Eftoda skated down the highway,  Kristyn captured the moment and posted the video of Wade skating on her Facebook page. It quickly went viral, racking up thousands of views.

“We wanted to seize the day, seize the moment and make a fond memory,” she said.

“Ice skating on the highway,” she said. “Only in Canada.”

Sources inform, Wade was much accustomed with the road, his wife said that he had grown up driving on that highway and was amazed to see the road look that clear, or that beautiful.

“We both made a new year’s resolution to live more simply, to enjoy each moment. This was an opportunity to do that.”

Per reports, Eftoda said he had just purchased the skates a few weeks ago after his five-year-old son became interested in learning how to skate.

Eftoda said the roads in the area just across the Saskatchewan boundary are still covered with ice.He said in the 34 years he has lived in the area he has never seen anything like it.

“It is still like that,I bet you could still go skating on there tonight.”

People commenting on the video on social media said the only thing that would have made Eftoda’s skating exploit more Canadian is if he had been holding a hockey stick.

“If this video can just spread some happiness, joy or laughter, then that’s a great win.”

by Israt Yasmin, The Blogging Connection

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