Walk is a variety

We all need a walk….

You walk early in the morning, putting your shoes and sports bra on. You sweat, reduce calories and then move back to the same place you started but do you realize your walk?

Don’t just walk physically but also let your mind be in sync with it.

Walk, a walk, we all need a walk, a walk in the woods, a walk in the early morning, a walk in the city, a walk away from rage and hatred, a walk towards contemplation. A walk towards yourself.

A walk to say “stop” when you see a person getting victimized to any sort of abuse. Actually that’s a buzzword right now because you present your ignorance when you watch something happening wrong, inhumane right in front of your eyes. You walk, definitely you do but away from the play station of crime. But to all those sweethearts all over the world who is sitting on the internet watching the big headlines of “……molested, abused, hurt”, stand up walk, and walk to protect and prevent the “juju” that is happening around and I’m pretty much certain that every third door faces these things.

Well,  there are women who walk in and this casting couch irrespective of any industry has this keen observation of the linings on the body and then critics walk over the women. As I said, walk is walk but walk is different.

When a baby learns to walk, he/she aims only to synchronize the feet but when you walk do you ever synchronize your thoughts with your actions, I doubt.

Eventually we walk towards understanding to attain peace, once we stop understanding, we settle ourselves with good /bad, positive/negative and else. Walking towards understanding plateaus every situation.

A walk for the help. A walk for yourself when you stop realizing who you actually are. A state of dilemma in our lives is as common as problems caused due to Trump and we are always left with some stupid and anxious advices but for once walk to yourself and dig in, you are sure to come out with huge treasure.

A walk away from anger. A walk away from rage. A walk towards love. A walk towards peace.  A walk towards the needy.

Get to know the necessity of your walk in every step.

Image Source: Pexels

by Israt Yasmin, The Blogging Connection

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