Gold in the hand of Eric Radford, the first openly gay athlete in winter games

Months after the Sochi Olympic, Radford chose to come out in the interview and revel his sexual orientation.

Though prior to that Radford was debating himself weather he should publicly come out or not as he was worried that revelation of his sexual identity will affect his athleticism and the sponsorships. His performance would be overshadowed by the revelation. He was in doubt that may be a chaos can arose and that will divert his concentration from his first winter game resulting in poor performance.

After the win with his pair partner Megnan Duhamel, Radford said on twitter that he is extremely happy and feeling proud.

After an impressive performance at the figure skating team event at the 2018 Pyeongchang Games, Radford said that he is proud to wear the gold medal with the other athlete from Ontario.

Radford also celebrates his win with the American skater Adam Rippon who has won a bronze medal and said that he is feeling proud and is able to show the world that they can do it.

In an ESPN feature, Radford wrote that he was always questioning his decision to come out and reveal his sexual identity because it was not that easy. He was very much worried about the after effects on his career after the revelation.

Radford’s outlook changes when he positioned himself in the place of a kid who only follows his own dream without having a role model to look up to. He realized that his revelation could create a change because till now no other gay athlete has came to this height of the career. So speaking out is the best way to normalize everything and create a new sun.

Radford,33 is engaged to a Spanish ice dancer Luis Fenero. He looks ahead to continue his composing work and start training once his competition days will be over.

Radford wrote that he wants to inspire the people with his story and can continue to entertain them with his skating.

Image Source: REUTERS/John Sibley

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