“Empowering Women” The main motto of Aly Raisman’s Sports Illustrated photo shoot

Sports Illustrated’s new 2018 swimsuit magazine is out and the total concentration is deflected towards the women empowerment rather than swimsuits.

Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman was approached to be a part of the project “  In her own words” where she has to express herself by painting impactful words on her body that reverberate with her personally. Other inspirational models and women were also called for this project of Sports Illustrated.

Raisman has embraced the project with wide smile and painted the word “survivor” across her chest. She was one of those women who had accused former US Olympic Gymnastics physician Larry Nassar for sexual harassment.

On Tuesday Raisman tweeted a photograph with Taylor Ballantyne from her personal photoshoot. On her arm “FIERCE” is painted and down the side of her body “WOMEN DONOT HAVE TO BE MODEST TO BE RESPECTED” is tinted. Phrases like “EVERY VOICE MATTERS” and “LIVE 4 YOU” are highlighted on her skin.

She told her twitter followers that everyone should be confident and comfortable enough to express themselves in the way that makes them happy. She added more by saying that the time when women should b ashamed of their body is over. Women can be intelligent , sexy powerful, strong, fierce while wearing anything tat makes them feel best. Women should be proud of themselves inside and out. Female body is beautiful. She believes that everyone is a survivor of something.

Full artistic and creative control were given to Raisman and other models by the team of women of the intimate shoot which Sports Illustrated called a platform that allows the voice ,potency and the favour of these women to be expressed in the rawest form on the naked body. Raisman found the whole concept very much a part of the women empowerment.

She further said that being a part of the social media age they sometimes have to act that everything is going perfect where nothing is ideal. They have to keep things suppressed in them. She believes that everyone is a survivor of something.

People should get a chance to trust themselves and to se their voice. Everyone should feel safe and has a story that deserves to be heard, added Raisman.

Raisman has always be smart enough to speak openly about the subjects like sexual assault, body positivity and period stigma over the past few months.  She has served as a role model for many woman. She said that hard times cannot define a person  and nobody should be ashamed of the fact that they are survivors.

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