“Gay Conversion Therapy “ Legal, feels the government

MPs and the campaigners have set various protests and campaigns to make the gay conversion therapy illegal, but all goes in vein because the government is in the support of this.

This practice is mainly to cure the homosexuality under close appraisal as offered by some church and religious groups, as said by the ministers that there will be no changes in the law though this is a highly controversial practice.

Labor MP Sharon Hodgson has pressed the home office this week in order to take an action against this. She told Huff Post UK that the government’s silence on this gay conversion therapy issue has always been a concern for her. This should not be a part of the modern 21st century, should have been abolished from the history book since pasts. The church of England has repeatedly called for banning this practice.

According to her government should come forward and should ladder up to protect the LGBT community from the atrocious practices.

A person’s sexual orientation is definitely not a disease to be cured as said by home minister Victoria Atkins. She further added that government in UK is now taking steps to prevent this practice of gay conversion by working with the main registration and accreditation bodies for psychotherapy and counselling practitioners to enlarge a communication of understanding to place a stop to this counterfeit treatment. They are keeping the issue under close review.

This conversion therapy had serious implications for the well beings of those persons who undergo this as said by Rossella Nicosia.

The Lincolnshire MP added said that the government’s response will be published later this year.

LGBT foundation will prolong to support them who are besieged with their sexual orientation. When a person is being forced to change his sexual orientation this is the underpinning on him that these feelings are aberrant and erroneous.

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