Gun laws should be restricted

A mass shooting at Florida high school happened that took away the lives of 17 people out there which created a total chaos and gloomy atmosphere, sheer fear among the mind of people. All these circumstances arouse a deep sense of outrage in the students and they gather in front of the White House in Washington in demand of changing the gun law rules. This total demonstration was conducted by Teens for gun reform. This is an organization formed by the students in Washington D C . The whole protest was arranged in order to represent the fact that how pathetically the students were killed in school. Law should become more strict specifically the gun laws so that nobody can misuse this.

By this they want to send a strong message to the government and there should be laws now which will bring restrictions to gun control. There were placards pointing like “shame on you” “disarm hate “ towards the White house. 

Students from British international School also came there to participate . Elodie Camus a student of 15 years came there to participate with her mother. Students shouting out that they are not feeling safe anymore in the school. So the things need to be changed so that more people are not going to get harmed.

Image Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

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