KFC is about to shutdown due to shortage of chicken

“Shortage of chicken” yes you are reading right. That is the reason why the KFC s are getting shut down in UK and Ireland. The craze of the fried chicken of KFC is known to all. How lip smacking delicious the items are all are known to the fact. But the sad part is when the outlets are are unfortunately getting shut down due to the lack of chicken supply.

The foodie people and friend chicken fans are in utter shock after the closing of 900 outlets of KFC in UK and Ireland.

The new delivery partner of the company , DHL is mainly accused by the KFC team. The company has also apologized to the customers for not serving them properly on Saturday.

Even it is heard that the branches that were opened were only serving some limited menu. While  the company was accusing their new dealer DHL but the dealer was trying to justify by stating that the whole problem occurred due to some operational issues which led to the delay and cancellation of large number of orders.

But in October when DHL took over  the dealership from Bidvest Logistics alongside logistics firm QSL they announced that from now on they are going to set bench mark by providing fresh quality of chicken to KFC and making the brand more huge.

Image Source: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

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