Restrictions on buying guns

A new introduction to the legislation is to elevate the minimum age group to purchase rifles, announced by Sen.Dianne Feinstein promulgated this on Friday. There will be restrictions in buying the military style weapons also . below age 21 nobody is allowed to buy handguns according to the federal law. But licensed gun dealers are allowed to sell assault style rifles and other long guns to 18 years old and above. The boy Nicolas Cruz` who was suspected as the shooter in the school of Parkland, Florida is just 19 years old. The boy was carrying an AR-15 assault style rifle.  The dealers are permitted to sell these assault style rifles to the 18 years old people which seems to be very dangerous. Mostly terrified gun shootings in US and Las Vegas are done using these guns.

Dianne said that if an individual is not allowed to buy a bottle of Beer at the age of 18 then how can he be allowed to buy a gun at such an age group. She expected hat her republican publics will also join her in this effort.

Image Source: Rich Pedroncelli

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