Android Pay updated to Google Pay

Google is launching Google pay for android. As announced earlier of the last month that Google is amalgamating its different payment tools under the Google pay brand. Google is coming up with new updates with the introduction of many more functions added up to the Android Pay, which the company aspires that its payment service will be more omnipresent for both the store and internet. Google wallet app is also been redesigning for sending and requesting money. This improvisation is now called Google Pay Send.

This app will soon be available for the users of U.S and U.K. New users can download the app and the existing users who were already using the android pay app will soon get the update to Google pay in next few days.

The new Google Pay app is basically redesigned. It looks like that the old android pay is improvised with an appearance that coheres closer to the own material design of Google. The new addition to the app is that the home screen will now show the stores where you can pay with Google Pay. The store list is made based on your locality. Home screen will show the recent purchases and loyalty cards can be added on the screen to the app.

Pali Bhat , the VP of Google product management said that the whole team wanted to make an easy start for the people with Google Pay. The service is being made in such a way that it can be used to pay for online goods and the goods in real world. Google pay can now be set right from their bank apps. Once the set up is done you can pay online and in real world by using the Google pay.

Developers are given simple API to execute Google pay, said by Bhat.

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