Conversion of Energy by Big Clean Switch

Big Clean Switch is now being supported by Ikea also. This is a social business that helps people to switch to renewable energy from non-renewable, helping to avoid the air pollution and climate changes as well as helping UK homes to save the money on their energy bills. This project can be coupled by the customers and they can switch their energy providers to whom they are committed. They can make the society healthy and the energy cleaner by joining in the project. Carbon footprint can be reduced by switching to the green energy supplier and constructing an enormous disparity.

There are so many advantages of switching to a green energy supplier like a ton of CO2 is being saved per year.

Nature is the source of clean energy. This energy is generated from wind, water, sunlight and plant based fuels not just fossils. Renewable electric energy helps to make the energy industries cleaner.

Green electricity is much effortless to engender than gas due to the flaming process of production of gas.  Both gas and electricity can be accessed in the form of cleaner energy. In present 12 percent of Ecotricity’s gas is already green and they are functioning on spawning their own gas mills to amplify the percentage.

This project is expected to save a typical UK house hold of $300 a year. Thus this renewable source is becoming good for both the pocket and the planet.


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