Face to face two ministers of two countries

Members of Justin Trudeau’s cabinet were indicted by an Indian politician for being chained to the Sikh separatist movement. He is going to meet with the prime minister this week.

Though the meeting is being confirmed by Justin but what he is going to talk with the Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh is still not being confronted.

Amidst the sheer and heated up tensions the meeting is going to happen between India and Canada about creating an independent state called Khalistan by some Sikh communities.

Singh is very vocal about the issue and has brought the accusation against some members of the cabinet of Justin of being involved in the Sikh separatist issue.   The Sikh communities of Canada may be creating a platform of ferocity or savagery to  attain independence. This is another cause why Singh wants to have a face to face discussion with Justin. He has disdained to meet Harjit Singh the defence minister regarding this in last April. Singh’s asseverations were called malicious and farcical. On Justin’s visit to India Sajjan requested a meeting with both him and Singh. Trudeau has visited many places in India like the home of Mahatma Gandhi and Buddhist shrine. He is the first Canadian prime minister to visit Gujrat . Hoardings with Narendra modi has been shown stating “LONG LIVR INDIA CANADA FRIENDSHIP” edged the motorcade route. 

Image Source: Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press

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