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Morgan Jerkin’s book “ This will be my undoing “ is about a sensitive and highly discussed topic “ racism” . She filled the room in the basement of East city bookshop on a brisk D.C night with her signature amalgamation of acumen and tenor. This book is a kind of personal diary , collation of essays of Black women being a black women. This book is on a provocative contemporary topic ‘ how is it to survive as a black woman ‘. Doubly etiolated by race and gender and dispossessed of a place within the mostly white mainstream feminist movement black women are exteriorized and marginalized with calamitous consecution, in ways both obvious and tenuous, that are scarcely appreciated in our country’s larger discussion about inequality. In this book Jerkin is both the narrator and the subject to uncover the social , cultural and historical narrative of Black female persecution that mastered that black community as well as the white and male dominated world at large.

Black women are not only widing up their space but have also started to dominate the other in  every fields starting from Rihanna’s Fenty makeup empire to Tiffany’s Haddish’s comedic quantum leap following last year’s Girls trip. This all is just setting the example that how the black women world is establishing a history and aching their name in the book of success.

Digital media is playing a great part in portraying the triumphant image of the black women and is also helping to bring the voice of them in front of the world.

In this book Jerkin has written an open letter to Michelle Obama in the fifth chapter  naming the chapter “ A lotus for Michelle”.

The world can no longer consign the black women to the sidelines. Jerkin said more that she wants to change the view of the people about the black women, to see the black women as the epitome of victory. This is the time when the world should not only give a round of applause to them but should also stand to defend them, to esteem them, to admire them.

Image Source: Sylvie Rosokoff / Harper Perennial

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