Syrian Government’s bombardment on Eastern Ghouta took away innocent lives of hundreds…

Hundreds of people are killed in the suburbs of Eastern Ghouta due to the onslaught attack, throwing bombs for one long week. This is the most fatal and deleterious day ached in the past three years in that area. At least 98 people were killed by the bombardment and airstrike done by the Syrian government on the rebel-held Damascus suburbs on Tuesday.

210 civilians have been killed due to this airstrike. Among which there are 54 children also. The Syrian observatory for human life reported that on Monday more than 100 civilians were killed, witnessed the use of warplanes, gunships, helicopters, missiles as well as artillery. The whole incident can be spelled as a catastrophe that has ensnared lives of so many people under cordon. This whole incident occurs in the aggravation of hostility and bloodshed near Bashar Assad, president’s seat of power.

The UN children’s agency said that they have lost every word to describe the children’s torment and their indignation. Government forces have conducted in more augmentation in recent days, said the opposition activists and adding to this they further claimed that Ghouta is the last rebel area to get captured which is now battered.

People are still under debris. White – helmets, the team of opposition affiliates Syrian civil defence exclaimed that more than 98 people were killed.   Even one of the members of the rescue group also died named Firas Jomma. A terrified Damascus resident said that the bombs were lessening like rain. People were running hither and thither to find a cone for hiding, just to save their lives; they were in search of a safe cloister. This resident was found hiding in an office corner.

 The rescue team is trying to find the survivors by spading through the detritus in the dark.

On late Monday the UN regional humanitarian coordinator for the Syria crisis, Panos Moumtzis stated that the situation of the civilians in Ghouta is going out of control.

Image Source: Abdulmonam Eassa/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

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