Women Hockey Team of Canada is going to face the United States in Thursday’s semi final

Women hockey team of Canada make their way clear to Olympic Gold again. They defeat the Russian team by 5-0 and in the semifinal on Monday. Canada is going to face the United States in Thursday’s semi final and will try to win a fifth straight gold. Canadian forward Brianne Jenner said that for others it may be just an ordinary hockey tournament but for them it’s their Stanley Cup. It’s their dream since their childhood. Pair of goals were scored by Jennifer Wakefield. Captain Marie, Emily and Rebecca also scored. 15 saves were made by Alexandrova. Russian goalie Tarakanova stopped 27 out of 31 before her replacement by Nadezhda. Russians will be playing for Finland for bronze. In 1998 women’s hockey has made it’s debut. From

then Canada and the U.S. have met in every finals except 2006 . The final is going to start at 11:10 pm ET on Wednesday. Canada will try to win over . The US women basketball team has a record of uninterrupted Olympic gold medals at six. Everyone is expecting a lot from this final because one of the best rivalry is going to happen. U.S has lost to Canada four years ago in Sochi, Russia. Now they are again getting a chance to hit back. The Russian team is not allowed to wear their red traditional in Pyeongchang as a part of the punishment they got for doping in Sochi.


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